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Weekly Class Schedule

YIS is proud to offer a robust weekly programming schedule filled with a variety of live and on demand classes, which are all listed in our Virtual Week Ahead bulletin. (Note: The link below is updated weekly.)

The "Virtual" Week Ahead Classes


Weekly Parsha Messages

YIS Weekly Parsha Video Message

Rabbi Morgenstern's Weekly Parsha Shiur on YUTorah


WhatsApp Torah Classes

In 2020 we successfully launched the YIS Reboot featuring our new shorter daily, bi-weekly and weekly Torah classes on WhatsApp and we thank the many people in our community that have already subscribed.  We greatly exceeded the numbers of people we were hoping would join so now we are looking to push our participation levels even higher.   Click below to subscribe. Please also note that all past classes are archived on our YIS You Tube channel, which you can subscribe to using the link at the bottom of this page.

Rabbi Morgenstern’s Daily Dose of Torah Truths: 3-minute Timeless Sayings of our Sages from Aleph to Tav
A new saying will be posted daily.
To subscribe to this class, please 
click here. 
Winter/Spring Session has concluded.

Mashiach Musings: Selected Readings from the Rambam regarding the Messianic Era w/ RJM
A new class will be posted weekly on Wednesdays and will be approximately 5-10 minutes.
To subscribe to this class, please click here. 

Midrashic Mysteries: Uncovering the Challenging Imagery of our Sages on the Weekly Parsha w/ Rabbi Klinger
A new class will be posted twice-weekly, on Mondays and Thursdays, in accordance with the weekly Torah readings and will be approximately 5-10 minutes.
To subscribe to this class, please click here.

YIS YouTube Channel

Subscribe to our YIS YouTube channel to access all of our shiurim, Torah thoughts and classes.   

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Sun, May 16 2021 5 Sivan 5781