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Academy of Jewish Studies

The Young Israel of Scarsdale offers an amazing array of adult education opportunities for our kehilla to grow their connection to the Torah. Our classes are offered on a variety of levels for men and women alike.  The sounds of Torah can be heard in the halls of YIS almost every single morning and evening.  In addition to weekly classes, YIS is proud to host outstanding Shabbat guest speakers throughout the year and our periodic lecture series with high-profile speakers draws upwards of 200 members of weeknights. 

Academy of Jewish Studies 5780 Brochure 


The Living Torah Fund

The Living Torah Fund aims to help perpetuate the legacy of our loved ones through learning. 

The Fund seeks out and invites individuals whose scholarship and accomplishments are truly renowned and provides a forum for them to share their wisdom with our community.  Based on donations from the community, the Living Torah Fund underwrites lectures, forums and discussions that build on our heritage, enrich our community and provide an ongoing memorial to our loved ones.

For information on how to donate, including the opportunity to sponsor a specific speaker, or collaborate on programming ideas, please contact Steve Smith,

Preview of Upcoming Living Torah Fund Programming for 2021 

Resources from Past LTF Speakers

Bari Weiss (Dec. 16, 2020): How to Fight ANTI-SEMITISM • Ze’ev Maghen • Columbia University, 1990


The Collective Conversation

We are proud to have launched the Collective Conversation series in January 2021, which highlights weekly Torah essays from members of the YIS Community. 

If you would like to write a Torah essay please contact Steve Smith at

Sefer Bereshit

Steve Smith
Noah Davis
Danny Esssner
Noah Gorsky
Robert Damast
Howard Wiesenfeld
Russie Berger
Rabbi Hayyem Angel
Greg Aubrey



Sefer Shemot

Jeffrey Berger
Sara Berger, Steve Smith
Jordan Bryk
Daniel Shamah
Rabbi Dr. Norman Lamm, z”l
Chanie Bryks
David Fogel
Jeff Kapelus
Ben Yeamans
Yosef Naor
Avi Fried

Sefer Vayikra

Jeff Kapelus
Natalie Trump
Josh Trump
HaChodesh Tazria            David Levine
Rabbi Joshua Lookstein
Sam Mandel
Lisa Septimus
Jared Rosenfeld

Kedoshim           Ari Weinberger

Steve Gelles
Alan Seplowitz z"l

Sefer Bamidbar

Sefer Bamidbar
Richard Bienenfeld
Chani Lifshitz & Sivan Rahav-Meir
Steve Smith
Josh Rosenbaum
Jonathan Katz
Sara Berger
Rabbi Evan Hoffman
Bob Hoch
Rebecca Zimilover




Sefer Devarim

Jeffrey Berger
Steve Smith
Carol Daman
Rabbi Shlomo Riskin
Eugene Farber
BJ Douek
Jordan Bryk
Steve Gelles
Becky Nachmani
Rabbi Marc D. Angel
Ariel Levitan
Ruthie Schwartz

Shemot                      Caroline L. Bryk



Tue, January 31 2023 9 Shevat 5783