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Welcome to the Young Israel of Scarsdale

Welcome to the Young Israel of Scarsdale, a Modern-Orthodox Synagogue and a vibrant, caring community. We are firm believers in the principles of Achdut – Unity, Kehilla-Community, and Areyvut – Responsibility for all Jews. We seek to engage and inspire through a variety of means: from soulful moments of Prayer, to stimulating discourses of Torah Study, and creative children’s programming. We foster an atmosphere of spiritual growth and continued commitment to Halacha, Am Yisrael, and Eretz Yisrael.

COVID-19 Re-opening Guidelines

YIS Virtual Programming

The "Virtual" Week Ahead
       YIS weekly Programming, including   Minyan times, Shiurim and more

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Weekly Torah Classes from Rabbi Morgenstern and Rabbi Klinger

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The YIS 49th Annual Dinner

49th Virtual Annual Dinner Scroll of Honor


Adeena and David Rosen



Arlene and Steve Smith

Irit and Jonathan Tratt



Ellen and Michael Goldberg

Jessica and Jonathan Katz

YIS Sisterhood



Cynthia and Andrew Blustein

Karen and Andrew Duell

Yael and Jeffrey Halaas

Danielle and Steven Herbst

Margo and Jack Schwartz

Lizzy and Josh Trump



Sharon and Harold Aspis

Alyssa and Ari Ebrahimoff

Hinda and Gene Farber

Caron and Steven Gelles

Fran and Scott Goldenberg

Sandy Grundwerg

Amy and Paul Heller

Mari and Art Hourwitz

Dana and Marc Jason

Renee and Alain Klapholz

Ilisa and Elliot Klapper 

Arlene and Michael Kleinberg

Miriam and Ari Loren

Lisi and Michael Mandel

Michelle and Michael Nachmani

Jaime and Jonathan Reich

Gabrielle and Daniel Rosen

Galia and Joshua Rosenbaum

Erin and Ari Rudensky

Debbie and Bill Schrag

Sandy and Jerry Seligsohn

Lisa and Andrew Siegel

David and Raquel Zeitz



Nancy and Ouri Amar

Suzanne and Stuart Beretz 

Russie and Jeffrey Berger

Judy and Steve Berman

Vicki and Richard Bienenfeld

Sara and Elisha Blechner

Ellen and Barry Carron

Irene and Hirsh Cogan

Linda and Allen Essner

Jennifer and Avery Fischer

Adina and Steve Fredman

Sharon and Michael Freudenstein

Hedy and Alan Ganz

Rebecca and Jamie Gelfand

Susan Scharf Glick and Harvey Glick

Labrini and Jeffrey Goldgrab

Ellen and David Goldschmidt

Marla and Avri Horowitz

Dina and Daniel Katz

Karen and Daniel Kosowsky

Michelle and David Levine

Bonnie and Russell Mannis

Margot and Joshua Marans

Diane and Russell Miller

Ellen and Michael Muss

Gisela and Michael Perl

Sharon and Bruce Povman

Robyn and Ari Raskas

Stacey and David Rivkin

Beverly and Michael Rosenbaum

Nancy and Stanley Rosenfeld

Robin and David Samot

Ruthie and David Schwartz

Danielle and Daniel Shamah

Tammy and Ricky Shatz

Harriet Smith

Diane and Bill Stern

Penina and Tommy Weinberger

Lauren and Gavin Westerman

Denise and Alan Wildes

Ruth Tessler and Stuart Zisholtz

Linda and Jay Zucker



Sara and Daniel Berger

Amanda and Jonathan Berger 

Felicia and David Bieber

Eva Fishman and Arthur Bodek

Dana and Maurice Bonime

Linda and Arthur Brainson

Sandra and Arthur Cotliar

Robin and Jonathan Eiseman

Nily and Danny Essner

Paula and Charlie Fisch

Linda and Mark Fischler

Robin and Steven Fried

Susan and Peter Galla

Lauren and Isaac Ganz

Reyna and Pierre Gentin

Michelle and Dan Gewanter

Jodi and Steven Halper

Mindy and Edward Herman

Rena Seplowitz and Steven Keller

Carla and Joshua Klapper

Renee and Stuart Kleiman

Ariella and Brian Kleinhaus

Ariella and Philip Knoll

Pamela and Aaron Lauchheimer

Rebecca and Jonas Leibowitz

Ariel and Matt Levitan

Diane and Jeffrey Marks

Esther and Jack Miles

Cindy and Bruce Miller

Jillian and Daniel Miller

Fern and Louis Oppenheim

Sharon and Sol Packer

Rise and Marc Robbins

Debbie and Howie Schub

Sirena Silber and Family

Sheva and Kenny Smigel

Ruth and Jeffrey Steinberg

Lydia and Stew Stern

Nancy and Ari Weinberger

Beverly and Josh Weisbrot

Susan and Arnie Wilson

Judy and Elon Zapinsky



Helene and Ellis Abramson

Jessica and Michael Adler

Ariel and Adam Amar

Lee and Joe Bednarsh

Rhonda Greif and Stuart Berger

Chanie and Howie Bryks

Barbara and Kenneth Chorzewski

Marilyn and Robert Damast

Susan Dresdner and Moish Smulevitz

Miriam and Josh Dressler

Sharon and David Fogel

Aria and Philip Fried

Robin and Steven Fried

Danielle and Benjamin Friedman

Michelle and Isser Fruchter

Cheryl and Joel Goldschmidt

Annie and Sam Grauer

Sima and Allan Greenberg

Sandra and Ira Greenstein

Caren and Hillel Hammerman

Alan and Barbara Hirsch
Ari, Rina, Eliana, Dovi, Temimah Hirsch
Deenie, Yoni, Yaeli, Akiva Strimber
Chana Bracha and Meir Bisk
Rocky, Benji, Tzvi, Meira, Akiva, Eliyau Stern
Dassie, Yitzy, Daniel, Nathan, & Emily Wicentowsky

Felisa and Daniel Hochheiser

Kate and Eric Hoffman

Leora and Emil Horvath

Maggie Kagan and David Eiseman

Arielle and David Kauvar

Aliza and Rabbi Nuriel Klinger

Edna and Thomas Krausz

Lily and Richard Langer

Julie and Bill Levinson

Susan and Steven Levy

Georgette and Rabbi Joshua Lookstein

Rachel and Harris Lukashok

Gail and Barry Mahler

Geri and Asher Mansdorf

Shawna and Albert Masry

Jordana and Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern

Janet and Warren Newcorn

Rebecca and Itzhak Nidam

Mimi and Sandy Pauker

Susan and Michael Porter

Natalie and Simmy Richton

Emily and Alan Rosenfeld

Elizabeth and Ari Rubinstein

Julie and Adam Schair

Sherry and Leonard Schlangel

Elaine and Philip Schnall

Susan and Bruce Schneider

Melissa and Evan Schwechter

Cindy Coopersmith and Greg Seinfeld

Tali Seinfeld

Betty and Alan Seplowitz

Brooke and Guy Shmuel

Jill Horowitz and Gary Swergold

Erit and Elisha Tropper

Elizabeth Roman and Aaron Turkish

Phyllis Veetal

Jerry and Barbara Weinberg

Harriet and Allen Wieder

 Elyse and Eric Winchel

Dorothy and Les Yeamans



Sara and Robert Aeder

Ellen, Larry and Vita Barth

Barbara and Allen Bodner and Joyce Hirsch

Marlene and Lee Buchwald 

Fred Danzig 

Shari and Andrew Fein

Taryn and Daniel Fiskus

Sabrina and Asher Gaffney

Heidi and Scott Greenbaum

Steven Halpern

Rena and Joseph Hyman

Sylvia and Lothar Kahn

Leora and Josh Kessler

Vida and Oscar Lebwohl

Nancy Leff

Hilary and Harrison Linsky

Frana Mills

Shoshana and David Noble

Lisa and Steve Oppenheimer

Marilyn and Harry Soffer

Lindsey and Robby Tennenbaum

Geet Engel and Hersh Wolf



Sharon and Fred Baer

Marilyn and Roy Barth

Carole Daman

Caren and Steve Feldman

Lori and Alan Garfunkel

Laura and Eric Green

Dena and Jason Ingerman

Joan Lefkowitz and Norman Kahan

Rachelle and Rick Press

Abbe and Michael Serphos

Robyn and Roni Shapiro

Jordana and Ian White



Shira and Jeffrey Beer, Rachael and Shalom Kossman,

Rachel and Elie Bodner and Grace and Aryeh Bodner

Miriam and Yaacov Bernstein

Amy and Donny Bodner

Rebecca and Joshua Chubak

Dianne and Simeon Fensterheim

Laura Fruchter

Leah and Marc Fruchter

Adina and Eric Fruchter

Lori and Alon Gitig

Joan Goodman

Susan Goon

Paul and Lisa Greenberg

Michelle and Brian Hoch

Penny and Israel Kornstein

Amy Myers 

Jennifer and Mark Lorber

Helga Luden

Dana and James O'Malley

Lynn and Eli Moore

Sara Rosenblatt

Harvey Ross

Patti and Michael Steinmetz

Juana Toporovsky

Mia and Sam Weiss

Laura and Yehuda Wiesen

Sun, April 18 2021 6 Iyyar 5781