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Welcome to the Young Israel of Scarsdale, a Modern-Orthodox Synagogue and a vibrant, caring community. We are firm believers in the principles of Achdut – Unity, Kehilla- Community, and Areyvut – Responsibility for all Jews. We seek to engage and inspire through a variety of means: from soulful moments of Prayer, to stimulating discourses of Torah Study, and creative children’s programming. We foster an atmosphere of spiritual growth and continued commitment to Halacha, Am Yisrael, and Eretz Yisrael. 

A Message from the Rabbi: A Prayer for Peace

As we begin to open up to public Tefillah at the Young Israel of Scarsdale, it couldn’t have come at a better moment in time for us and our country. I wrote the below prayer in the hopes that it might inspire your Kavana at this tense time.
Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern

A Prayer for Peace

May it be Your will Hashem, our God:
That Shalom fills the world in place of vitriol and violence.
That people are respected as fellow members of a shared humanity, especially those who are black and those who wear blue.
That racism is rooted out for the evil that it is and that good people overwhelm the bad like the light overwhelms the darkness.
That scenes of protest are filled with joined hands and bent knees and not with violent rioting and wanton destruction.
That there never be another George Floyd and that the sanctity of human life is maintained and regarded by all.
And, finally, may it be Your will Hashem, our God, that Your name is made great and sanctified by the way we, Your People, Am Yisrael, comport ourselves and relate to men and women of all colors and creeds - recognizing our mandate of Kedoshim Tih’yu and that we are all created B’Tzelem Elokim.
Hashem, Your Name is Shalom, and may You bless Your nation and the American People with Shalom, as it says: “Hashem Oz L’Amo Yitein, Hashem Yivarech Et Amo Va’Shalom.”

Amein V’amein.

Fri, July 10 2020 18 Tammuz 5780