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Our History

In 1970, five young and idealistic families gathered together to form the Young Israel of Scarsdale. The families sought a synagogue that would be filled with spirit and meaning, a synagogue that would be rooted in Jewish tradition. They wanted a synagogue that would be friendly and warm and that would welcome all into its family of friends.

The congregation's first home was in a house at 43 Baraud Road in Scarsdale. Scores of families were attracted to the aspirations of the synagogue's founders. In less than a decade, the congregation flourished and the demand for expanded facilities led to the construction of a new building on Weaver Street in Scarsdale. The congregation has continued to flourish and grow. In 1995, the congregation completed another expansion of its facilities, building a new sanctuary and social hall.

The Young Israel of Scarsdale has developed into one of the most vibrant orthodox synagogues in New York. The synagogue continues its work of forging links in the chain of continuity so that Judaism will be transmitted to future generations.

YIS is proving that Judaism in Scarsdale can meet the challenges of our times, by refusing to allow our deep and abiding faith in G-d to stand still. The community‚Äôs concept of Judaism must be a dynamic one, one in which eternal truths are given renewed life in the modern world. YIS invites anyone and everyone to attend services in an exciting congregation. Join us at YIS in sharing the warmth, beauty and meaning of Judaism, and in experiencing the joy and spirit which come with worshipping and living Judaism in an embracing community.

With its attractive mix of new and old, of traditional Jewish values in a modern American setting, the Young Israel of Scarsdale is well-positioned to meet the challenges of the 21st century.

Sat, June 22 2024 16 Sivan 5784