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Join Us for the YIS 52nd Annual Gala || Sunday March 31, 2024

51st YIS Anniversary Dinner Honorees

Susan and Arnie Wilson, Distinguished Leadership Award

Susan and Arnie Wilson have been active members of the community since moving to the neighborhood in 1996 with their five-year-old son, Aaron, two year old daughter, Elana, and Jeremy yet to be born. All three of their children are proud graduates of Westchester Day School, as well as  Ramaz, and SAR high schools. More recently, Aaron,his wife Tamar, and their baby, Naveh, made Aliyah, Elana,her husband, Ben, and their baby, Isaac live in Riverdale and Jeremy and his fiancée, Camille will be getting married in early April and will live in Brooklyn.


From the start, the Young Israel has been a home to Susan and Arnie. Over the years Susan has been on the sisterhood board as hospitality chair, and spent many years coordinating the Hanukkah and Purim gift bags for our college and Israel students.


Arnie was a long-time member of the WDS board, served on a number  of committees and is currently on the  YIS board. As an orthopedic surgeon, Arnie appreciates that he can be of-council when community members get injured. He gets regular knocks on the door Shabbat afternoons from community parents and kids who’ve hurt an ankle, shoulder or knee.


Together, Susan and Arnie have been on the YIS UJA committee for many years, and have been very active AIPAC supporters. They have always been proud that the YIS delegation to the AIPAC policy conference was always one of the strongest in the nation. 


But Susan and Arnie’s most favorite thing to do for the shul is to host families – from Shabbat/Chag singers, to shluchim families, to Rabbi Rockoff and his family, Rabbi and Aliza Klinger’s family, and many others.


But the most special guest they ever hosted was the Bezzubikoff family. When Andrei was first diagnosed with cancer, they offered their vacation home to the family for some respite with the kids. And again, in Andrei’s final month he and his family requested to visit again as the beach was a haven for Andrei and his family.


After many years, working as a solo practitioner in the Bronx, Arnie now works as a full-time attending orthopedic surgeon at Montefiore Hospital. Susan is a speech language pathologist who has worked in hospitals, early intervention and private practice, as well as teaching an undergraduate speech/language class at Stern College for Women for more than 25 years.


They are grateful to the YIS family for providing them with education, warmth, spirituality, and community. 

Laura and Eric Green, Community Service Award

Laura and Eric Green have been active members of Young Israel of Scarsdale since they moved into the neighborhood in January 1996.  They have watched their three children, Jacob, Zachary and Ethan grow up in the community and have celebrated many smachot together including brises, bar mitzvahs and most recently the auf ruf of Jacob before his marriage to Abby Biesman.  Eric served on the Board of Trustees and ran the Men’s Simchat Bet Hashoava for several years.  Eric is a Baal Tefilah who often leads the congregation in Musaf on Shabbat and Holidays.  Laura and Eric chaired The YIS mission to Israel in 2007 and hope to again chair a YIS mission to Poland in the summer of 2024.   As former WDS hockey parents, Laura and Eric have also been very active in Westchester Day School as well.  Laura chaired several dinners,  organized book fairs, was a founding member of Learning to Look, and put her creative talents to work running several Salute to Israel Parades.  


Laura and Eric have developed deep friendships in the community and are excited to be honored along with Susan and Arnie Wilson, and the young men and women of the Young Israel of Scarsdale currently serving in the IDF.  They are the real heroes of our community and they are proud of all of them.  Lastly, they would like to thank the Rabbi and Jordana Morgenstern for their leadership  over these many years.  The Morgensterns and Greens have become close friends, and they look forward to many more years of friendship.


YIS Children currently serving or who have served in the IDF, Hakarat Hatov Award

The connection between the Young Israel of Scarsdale and Medinat Yisrael runs deep and strong. This is evident in the many children of YIS members who choose to volunteer and serve in the Israel Defense Forces. May Hashem bless them and protect them as they stand “Al Mishmar Artzeinu - In Defense of our Homeland.”  And, as we mark 75 years of the State of Israel, may Hashem bless all those who selflessly served with great success and fulfillment in the years ahead.
Mon, March 4 2024 24 Adar I 5784