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Themed Kiddush Sponsorships

Our goal is to make YIS as inviting and communal as possible. One of the many ways we achieve this is through a catered kiddush on as many Shabbatot as possible.  Please sign up to sponsor one or more "themed" kiddushes based on your affinities and help contribute to making Shabbat at YIS as warm and inviting as possible.
The kiddush fund helps cater a community-wide kiddush every Shabbat in which there is no kiddush sponsor. Elevating the kiddush experience comes at an additional cost to the Shul above and beyond what is currently budgeted.  We ask that you consider a suggested donation to the Kiddush Fund of $250 or more, or $180 for families who have joined the community within the past three years.
Sun, October 1 2023 16 Tishrei 5784