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Dear Friends,

In speaking with parents it came to our attention that there is another local Hebrew School Program run by the local Chabad.  We looked into the program and Rabbi Morgenstern spoke with its director, Rochel Butman, to learn more about the program that they offer.  After doing our due diligence, we realized that the program that they offer seems to be fairly extensive with a full staff and over sixty students that allows them to have teachers for each elementary and middle school grade.  Their Hebrew School is from 9:30am - 12 noon on Sunday and is located just a few minutes away on North Avenue in New Rochelle.  As such, we are recommending parents whose children are not enrolled in Jewish day school to take advantage of this program.  The tuition for the year is $1150 and they offer enrichment classes as well on Sunday and Tuesday late afternoon.  For more information on the program and registration please speak to Rochel Butman (, or visit their website at - please let Rochel know that you are YIS members.

All this being said, we are pleased to announce that this year we will be offering a "Shul School Lite" program (not as extensive as the aforementioned Hebrew School) on Monday evenings throughout the 2015-2016 academic year from 5:00-6:15pm beginning on Monday October 26, 2015.  

There will be three groups during "Shul School Lite" in which we will have fun learning experiences along with snacks.  The groups are listed below based on grade level:

K-2: Playing with Prayer: The Rudiments of Jewish Prayer, Hebrew Reading, and Fun Interactive Word Games

3-5: Popcorn and Parsha: Stories from the book of Bereshit and Lessons from the Weekly Parsha

6-8: Munching on Mishna: In-Depth Study of Mishna and Interactive Discussion on the Weekly Parsha

The cost is $360/child for the year.  To register for "Shul School Lite" or for more information please contact me at

Rabbi Klinger, Assistant Rabbi/Educational Director

Tue, August 14 2018 3 Elul 5778