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                                45th Anniversary Dinner April 30, 2017 - 4 Iyar 5777

Geet and Hersh Wolf

Keter Shem Tov Award

Michelle and David Levine

Distinguished Service Award

Melissa and Evan Schwechter

Community Service Award

                                 45th Anniversary Dinner Scroll of Honor



    Adeena and David Rosen


    Michelle and David Levine

    Ruth Levine



    Tova and Barry Effron

    Ellen and Michael Goldberg

    Melissa and Evan Schwechter

    Children of Geet and Hersh Wolf: Stephanie and Moshe Kaplan, Tanya and Darren Wolf, Liza and Kivi Kret, Gabrielle and Roman Goldburt, Avi Wolf



    Gloria and Mark Levenfus

    Jennifer and Jeremie Scheiner

    Margo and Jack Schwartz

    Irit and Jonathan Tratt

    Geet and Hersh Wolf

    YIS Sisterhood



    *Bring Back Harold and Bill

    Paula and Charlie Fisch

    Lisi and Michael Mandel

    Lizzy and Josh Trump



    Sharon and Harold Aspis

    Felicia and David Bieber

    Debbie and Michael Doppelt

    Hinda and Eugene Farber

    Caron and Steven Gelles

    Joseph Glatt

    Farrah and Jon Gutwein

    Amy and Paul Heller

    Dana and Marc Jason

    Jessica and Jonathan Katz

    Arlene and Michael Kleinberg

    Diane and Russell Miller

    Gisela and Michael Perl

    The Rosenberg Family

    Sandy and Jerry Seligsohn

    Sirena and Daniel Silber

    Sarah and Neal Soss

    Denise and Alan Wildes



    Monica and Henry Aboodi

    Vivian and Gerald Adler

    Judy and Steven Berman

    Dana and Maury Bonime

    Ellen and Barry Carron

    Irene and Hirsch Cogan

    Karen and Andrew Duell

    Alyssa and Ari Ebrahimoff

    Denise and Nathan Eisler

     Linda and Allen Essner

    Jennifer and Avery Fischer

    Adina and Steve Fredman

    Ellen and David Goldschmidt

    Yael and Jeffrey Halaas

    Marla and Avri Horowitz and Family

    Mari and Art Hourwitz

    Dina and Daniel Katz

    Arielle and David Kauvar

    Ilisa and Elliot Klapper

    Karen and Daniel Kosowsky

    Pamela and Aaron Lauchheimer

    Bonnie and Russell Mannis

    Cindy and Bruce Miller

    Michelle and Michael Nachmani

    Robyn and Ari Raskas

    Jaime and Jonathan Reich

     Stacey and David Rivkin

    Rachel and Jonathan Rosenfeld

    Erin and Ari Rudensky

    Debbie and David Sable

    Debbie and Bill Schrag

    Tammy and Ricky Shatz

    Marco Masotti and Tracy Stein

    Diane and Bill Stern

    Lydia and Stew Stern

    Dr. Jill Horowitz and Dr. Gary Swergold

    Susan and Arnie Wilson



    Rona and David Abish

    Suzanne and Stuart Beretz

    Sara and Danny Berger

    Anna and Benjamin Bernstein

    Pam and Jeff Bernstein

    Vicki and Richard Bienenfeld

    Sara and Elisha Blechner

    Cynthia and Andrew Blustein

    Linda and Arthur Brainson

    Judy and Kenny Brecher

    Sandra and Arthur Cotliar

    Robin and Jonathan Eiseman

    Dianne and Simeon Fensterheim

    Sharon and David Fogel

    Dr. and Mrs. Philip and Aria Fried

    Robin and Steve Fried

    Rebecca and James Gelfand

    Michelle and Daniel Gewanter

    Lori and Alon Gitig

    Cheryl and Joel Goldschmidt

    Sima and Allan Greenberg

    Sandra and Ira Greenstein

    Jodi and Steven Halper

    Mindy and Edward Herman

    Rena Seplowitz and Steven Keller

    Carla and Joshua Klapper

    Peggy and Michael Klapper

    Renee and Stuart Kleiman

    Ariella and Brian Kleinhaus

    Aliza and Rabbi Nuriel Klinger

    Diana and Jeffrey Kosterich

    Jacqueline and Saul Lebovic

    Vida and Oscar Lebwohl

    Hilary and Harrison Linsky

    Leah and Yale Lipschik

    Amy Myers and Ron London

    Jennifer and Mark Lorber

    Georgie and Rabbi Joshua Lookstein

    Rachel and Harris Lukashok

    Diane and Jeffrey Marks

    Shawna and Albert Masry

    Elaine and Edward Meister

    Esther and Jack Miles 

    Jillian and Daniel Miller

    The Mishna Class: Rafi Abada, Marty Beran, Richie Bienenfeld, Jon Eiseman, Simeon Fensterheim, Charlie Fisch, Steve Fredman, Asher Gaffney,  Alan Ganz, Joel Goldschmidt, John Hakimi, Avri Horowitz, Tom Krausz, Diane and Jeff Marks, Russell Miller, Ira Novich, Robin Samot, Lisa and Andrew Siegel, Lew Trencher and Jerry Weinberg

    Jordana and Rabbi Jonathan Morgenstern

    Ellen and Michael Muss

    Fern and Lou Oppenheim

    Mimi and Sandy Pauker

    Erika and Scott Pintoff

    Sharon and Bruce Povman

    Eliane and Joseph Rackman

    Robyn and Alan Rice

    Beverly and Michael Rosenbaum

    Galia and Josh Rosenbaum

    Emily and Alan Rosenfeld

    Nancy and Stanley Rosenfeld

    Suzanne and Jeffrey Rubin

    Jennifer Meller and Moshe Rubin

    Robin and David Samot

    Heather and Joe Sarachek

    Julie and Adam Schair

    Schnall Family

    Susan and Bruce Schneider

    Miriam Slomovits and Stuart Schreiber

    Debra and Howard Schub

    Arline and Melvin Schwechter

    Esther and Azik Schwechter

    Danielle and Daniel Shamah

    Brooke and Guy Shmuel 

    Mr. and Dr. Mark Shukovsky

    Sheva and Kenneth Smigel

    Arlene and Steve Smith

     Drs. Neil and Marcie Stein

    Thea and Morris Szklarski

    Nancy and Ari Weinberger

    Penina and Tom Weinberger

    Mr. and Dr. Robin Weisberg

    Bevery and Josh Weisbrot

    Lauren and Gavin Westerman

    Jordana and Ian White and Family

    Eva and Myron Wolf

    Natalie and Jason Yellin

    Raquel and David Zeitz

    Mr. and Dr. Andrew Zinaman

    Mr. Stu Zisholtz and Dr. Ruth Tessler

    Linda and Jay Zucker



    Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Berger

    Mr. and Mrs. Josh Dressler

    Mrs. Rachel and Dr. Paul Rappaport

    Lisa and Michael Shapiro

    Mr. and Mrs. Robby Tennenbaum



    Mr. and Mrs. Moshe Abehsera

    Rabbi and Mrs. Yaakov Bienenfeled

    Carole Daman

    Fred Danzig

    Caren and Steve Feldman

    Sabrina and Asher Gaffney

    Alan and Hedy Ganz

    Reyna and Pierre Gentin

    Heidi and Scott Greenbaum

    Sue and John Hakimi

    Steven Halpern 

    Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Hochheiser

    Sandy Nissel and Norman Horowitz

    Debbie and Norman Kret

    Orly and Zev Klapholz

    Mr. and Mrs. Eric Kuperman

    Mr. and Mrs. Jason A. Levin

    Barry and Gail Mahler

    Alisa Mannis

    Barry Mannis

    Frana Mills

    Shoshana and David Noble

    Rise and Marc Robbins

    David Schwartz

    Tali Seinfeld

    Betty and Alan Seplowitz

    Robyn and Roni Shapiro 

    Lisa and Jim Shenwick

    Lisa Ruben Siegel and Andrew J. Siegel

    Phyllis and Joseph Veetal

    Michelle Jasper Brody and Jeff White

    Susan and Barry Wolf

    Marc Zinaman

    Richard Zinaman



    Brielle and Joel Adler

    Stuart Berger and Sharon Berger O"H

    Sandra and Stewart Cahn

    Nancy and Eric Fremed

    Lori and Alan Garfunkel

    Susan and Harvey Glick

    Judy and Allan Halpern

    Malka and Steven Helft

    Mr. and Mrs. Justin Hester

    Mrs. Isabelle Kirschenbaum

    William B. Kuesel

    Jordana and Avi Moche

    Adele and Bob Shapiro



    Linda and Tom Apple

    Howard Aubrey

    Chanie and Howie Bryks

    Mr. Paul Buttacavoli

    James Elworth

    Andrea and Jonathan Feldman

    Susan and Peter Galla

    Lori and Alan Garfunkel

    Mr. and Mrs. Simon Goldburt

    Dr. Carrie Muh and Mr. David Goldman

    Cassie and Matthew Goldstein

    Joan and Marc Goodman 

    Sara and Abe Heaney

    Edna and Thomas Krausz

    Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Mosberg

    Jane and Jack Nelson

    Mr. and Mrs. Haim Perry

    Amy and Gary Philo

    Debbie and Alvin Rapp

    Sara and Mel Rosenblatt

    Lisa Safdieh

    Donna and Leon Schwechter

    Susan and Alan Sosnay

    Pearl and Tom Sullivan

    Sandy and Lewis Trencher

    Lynette and Jonathan Tulkoff

    Elizabeth and Aaron Turkish

    Shari Verschell

    Laura and Yehuda Wiesen

    Judy and Charles Wimpfheimer

    Lynne and Aaron Yunis

    Judy and Elon Zapinsky




    Sat, May 26 2018 12 Sivan 5778