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FAQ Pesach

1) Can I use fresh or frozen uncooked meat or chicken that doesn’t specifically bear a special Passover certification?

A: Yes, but not ground or processed meat

2) How do I kasher my BBQ?

A: Clean the grill as best as you can. Then put charcoal briquettes all over the grill like you would when you are cooking regular food. Then turn on the grill for an and a half and close the cover. Leave it on high and then you’re good to go!

3) Can I buy plain juices before Pesach to drink on Pesach?

A: Yes, if you buy it before Pesach

4) Are milk, lactaid milk and dairy products (cottage cheese, yogurt, half & half, butter6) ) acceptable without special Passover certification?

A: For milk and lactaid milk, yes, but these items should be purchased prior to Pesach. HOWEVER, for other dairy products they must bear a reliable passover certification.

5) Does olive oil need Kosher for Passover certification?

A: All extra virgin olive oils are Kosher for Passover, as long as they have a regular OU hechsher. Regular olive oil does require a Kosher for Passover certification.

6) Do eggs require Passover certification?

A: Eggs are acceptable without Passover certification. Whole raw eggs with higher of Omega-3 are also acceptable for Pesach. Pasteurized eggs (which are whole and still in the shell) are acceptable for Pesach. All eggs should preferably be purchased before Pesach.

7) Can I Kasher drinking glasses?

-A:Just rinse them out with cold water and soap.

Wed, May 27 2020 4 Sivan 5780